Selecting the Best Electric Pressure Washer


The following tips will help you find the best electric pressure washer to use in your homestead.


You can gauge the power of a pressure washer using a combination of the PSI (pounds per square inch) and GPM (gallons per minute). The GPM measures the water volume delivered by a pressure washer. It indicates the speed the machine will take to clean a surface. A higher GPM washer is more powerful and faster cleaning than the one with a lower GPM.

The PSI shows the pressure machine delivers. A powerful machine will have a higher PSI, and it will be more effective in cleaning stubborn stains. Electric pressure washers’ range between 1500 to 2500 PSI. a lower PSI machine can do the same job that a high PSI can handle, but the higher PSI is faster.

The hose length

The length depends on the task you are handling. To wash a full pickup truck, you will need 25 feet of hose length. But cleaning your backyard deck will need half the length. A long hose length increases the range of use.

The pump types

There are two types of pumps that you can use in a pressure washer: the triplex and axial. Many electric washer machines have axial pumps. These pumps are easy to maintain, and you don’t need to replace the oil. The disadvantage of this pump is that you can’t change the seals or rebuild the pump like the triplex pump. If an axial pump fails, you need to buy a new one to replace the old one or buy an entirely new machine.


Many pressure washers have replaceable nozzles that fit on wand tips. They enable you to customize water streams intensity or angles. The measurement of the angles is in angles, and they range from zero to 40 degrees. The lower the angle, the higher the pressure. A 40 degrees nozzle will wash your house siding or your car. A 25 degrees nozzle will do general duties. The zero degrees nozzle will handle tough cleanings. These nozzles will remove tough stains from the driveway.

Easy usage

It’s easier to use an electric pressure washer than a gasoline pressure washer. The electric one doesn’t need spark plugs, oil changes, or even throttle adjustments. It doesn’t need the tricky pull start. You only flip the switch to turn it on, hook the hose and start using it. The electrical washer should also have quick connect fittings for hoses or nozzles.


The electric models are lighter and smaller compared to gasoline-powered machines. Some are smaller than a cooler and easy to store. You need to pick the electric power washer to balance portability with power. The heavier the machine, the more powerful it is in normal circumstances. An ideal machine should be powerful but less heavy for easy movement.

Size, portability, cord length, accessories, and power are all outstanding features. They differentiate between the best electric pressure washer from others.

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